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travel to cuba: what you need to know

A long form article detailing the current state of affairs in Cuba and how to travel there legally as an American with the recent regulation changes. 30,000 views of this article on Stride Travel's blog.

Reaching new heights with my dad

A digest of the many travel adventures I've been fortunate to experience alongside my father - from trekking to Everest Base Camp to scaling Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

Why being a tourist is totally okay

In this era of 'experiential' travel and getting 'off the beaten path,' is it acceptable to just be a tourist? This article explores that question and the 'tourist' vs. 'traveler' debate that circulates around the travel industry.

Ecuadorian volcanoes

A guest post I wrote for the Craft Travel Group, a leading South American travel company, on reasons to visit the volcanoes of Ecuador.

marketing & digital

Content marketing best practices

A guest post I crafted for the Czech Republic Tourism Board on how any business can develop and execute a content marketing strategy.

Personal Passions

how parents can influence world peace

I wrote this during the 2016 Presidential campaign season but it's more relevant now than ever. Through personal stories of my own childhood, I explore the role parents play in teaching tolerance & understanding and the profound way this shapes our world.

Who are your career influencers?

My career path and the successes I've had can be traced back to two influential role models in my life. This is the story.